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About us

We are a friendly local business based in Avonmouth, bristol.

It's our aim to be the best in Bristol. The number of testimonials and positive feedback we continually get from our customers is a point of pride for us. At our workshop you can expect that we will give the same level of love that you give your vehicle. While it is with us it will be fully insured and you can relax knowing that we are going to look after it, guide and update you with any work that needs to be done. We never do any chargeable work with out getting your express approval.

Meet The Team

Leigh Nattress

OWNER - Leigh Nattress
Leigh Has over 15 year experience in the motor trade including: sales and mechanics.

Likes: Football, go karting, having a laugh

Gavin Wylde

TECHNICIAN - Gavin Wylde
Gavin has over 12 years experience in the motor trade and a wide knowledge of Volkswagen, Toyota and Smart cars.

Likes: VolksWagens's and smiling !

Jamie Thomas

TECHNICIAN - Jamie Thomas
Jamie has a wide knowledge of Renault, Peugeot, Citroen along with classic cars.

Likes: Dairylee Dunkers

Jamie Thomas

TECHNICIAN - Phil Robinson
Phil has a great amount of knowledge of all makes and models and been in the motor trade since leaving school.

Likes: Riding his motorbike

See our range of services or give us a call and we'll look after you and your pride and joy.

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Servicing & Maintenance that won't leave you high and dry

Whether you have a Ford, VW or BMW, don't pay the over the top prices for a dealership. We can maintain and service your vehicle in our fully fitted workshop. Get the friendliness and honesty of a small team who want you become a customer for life.

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engine diagnostic

Engine Diagnostics

Is your engine running badly or has your 'check engine' light come on? Don't you wish you could simply ask your car what's wrong? Well, we have the technology to do just that!

With our clever engine diagnostic systems we can quickly and cheaply find out what ails your vehicle. It could be as simple as a loose wire or something more serious but our state of the art equipment will tell you.

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MOT repairs so you'll pass with flying colours

The MOT test is full of tricky checks that sometimes take a driver by surprise. The car is perfectly fine in every-way then you find out the lights are point slightly in the wrong direction and you fail.

We can do a service before hand so you can fly through the test with out a hitch, or if you already have had a fail we can get those issue fixed often at a fraction of a dealership costs.

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taking the shock out of Brakes & Suspension

Don't neglect your brakes and suspension: any issue with these components can at worse be fatal and at best ruin your cars performance and economy. Unfortunately these are all items that need care and attention round the year. Worry no longer, LN Motors will see you right.

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new car tyres in Bristol

We do Tyres & Exhausts

No matter how well engineered or maintained your car is, everything depends on those four rubber tyres. The total area that touches the road could fit on an A4 sheet of paper! Don't risk your lives by not keeping your tyres in good condition.

Don't worry we can look after them for a price that won't hurt the pocket.

We'll make sure they are fitted perfectly, pressure checked and aligned. This will ensure your safety on the road as well as giving you better performance and economy.

Another area that is essential for getting the most MPG and the best MPH your car can achieve is your exhaust. We can source and replace you a new set of pipes whether you want an upgrade or if your current one is puffed out.

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ding and scratch replair in Bristol

Car not looking up to scratch?

Getting those annoying dings, dents and creases done has never been so easy...
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